Computer Science and Mathematics student

Interested in User Interface engineering, UX Design, Software engineering. Prior experience with Backbone.js, require.js and node for single page web app projects, utilising subtle CSS3 animations to enhance the user experience.

Qualified Animator focusing on Character Animation with internship and freelance experience. Prior work experience in front end web development using Joomla as a CMS and custom templating.

Preferred languages: javascript, java


Amazon EC2, November 2013 - February 2014

Intern Web Developer 

Travel Ground, June - July 2012

Mobile website development of  Built with custom HTML, CSS and carefully chosen javascript for compatibility with older blackberry devices.  Mobile frameworks such as jQuery mobile were tested but not used due to compatibility or performance issues.

Bit Films - Character animator and 3D generalist, June 2009 - May 2010.

Initial pipeline development in the Pre-production stage of ‘Wires for Empathy’, an Open animated short directed by Bassam Kurdali.  This involved python scripting to manage continuously changing artwork assets used for storyboarding and the animatic edit.  I was also tasked with storyboarding, and 2d concept art for the environment, gathering texture reference, modelling & texturing, and later character animation.

Work Experience

Freelance Web development and Mobile app design, August 2012 - present

Templating and refactoring of Joomla websites.  Freelance mobile app design for Ydangleapps, either enhancing the design of existing apps or creating design mockups for new apps. 

Web Developer at raramuridesign, May 2010 - December 2011

Website development on the Joomla CMS.  Template design and integration, AJAX integration, local server administration, syncing changes to Testing and Live servers, content management and migration, sitemap creation, modification of Joomla modules.  Newsletter creation.

Animator on several distributed animation projects, 2009 - 2012

Animator on three consecutive Richmond 48hour film competitions, working with a distributed team from around the world to create a 5 minute animation piece from scratch, in 48 hours.

Texturing work on Sintel's backpack, Sintel Open Movie, Blender Foundation.  

Contributed a character animation piece to Sintel which was modified and used in a three.js demo scene (link requires webGL)


Certificate of Merit for Exceptional performance in Computer Science CSC1015F, UCT 2012

Certificate of Mobile Application Design Achievement Award
Samsung Mobile design competition, 2012

Best Character Animation, Suzanne Animation festival 2010

Springbok Scout Award, Scouting association of South Africa, 2003

South African National Gymnastics Championships
1st overall 2011, 2nd overall 2005, 3rd overall 1999


University of Cape Town
BSc Computer Science, Mathematics

City Varsity
Advanced Diploma in Animation for Film, TV and New Media, Animation, 
2006 - 2008

Pearson High School
Matric Exemption with distinction, 



Bassam Kurdali
"Jarred has worked with me as an animator over the last few years; he's an excellent artist,takes direction really seriously and combines a keen eye for his craft with responsiveness to feedback and professionalism towards his work. He's fun, outgoing and yet very modest, and is liked by all his friends and colleagues at bitfilms."

Work Timeline

Quick Sketches


Attended Conferences

ScaleConf 2012, 2013, 2014

Joomladay 2011

LibrePlanet 2010


Open Video Conference 2009