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Presentation at New York Blender User's Group

street_NY_04"Is it just me or is the train late?" I said to Pablo as he re-checked his watch.
"I dunno, let's check the schedule again" He replied.

We walked over to the train schedule.  We were the only two people at the Danbury train station on this Saturday morning, headed for New York for the NY Blender User Group meetup run by Jeff.  Pablo and I had taken one of our last weekends left in the states to come down to New York and give a talk on Tube.

It was 11:30am and we were going to be late if the train didn't arrive soon, but there was something fishy about our situation.  Upon re-checking the shedule we were startled to notice it was a weekday timetable.

"Oh F*#%", we thought.  Trust the train not to arrive on Saturdays - on our last weekend here and after coming all the way to Danburry with Bassam.
Our eyes scanned the schedule... "To New York... Saturday: 12:15pm" - Sjoe, a sigh of relief.  We would be late, but we would get there.  I whipped out the cellphone to text Jeff and let him know as a car began to pull into the parking lot.

Grand Central station was mind blowing.  The sheer size of the building with it's beautiful engravings and tall window panes were captivating.  There was a constant hustle as people crissed in and out as the subways came by.  I went downstairs in search of a bathroom to find an entire market with all sorts of vegetable produce, fast food and magazine shops.  

Stepping into the street we were met with skyscrapers as far as the eye could see, a concrete jungle, alive and buzzing.  An ideal place for an artist needing to practice their perspective and atmospheric falloff, not to mention the mix of interesting looking people everywhere you turn.  We, however, had a ways to walk and were cutting it short.  Pablo had found a wireless hotspot and was checking the google co-ordinates on his cellphone to make sure we would be going in the correct direction.

I knocked on the door, rather unsure who was on the other side.  A familiar face opened up,  Jeff, who i'd met the year before at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans -YES - Familiarity at last!  We stepped inside, apologised for our punctuality, and sat down among the blenderheads.  It was very full.

They had just done a demo of someone's head model, and were needing to break for tea, which gave Pablo and myself a chance to set up.  We would later see works of other blenderheads, a beautifully crafted fighter game done in Blender 2.4 done by Keith Watson Jr, and great opportunities for motion capture rigs.  They were a great bunch of people and we were very glad to have met them, and hope we can see them again.


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