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Texturing of Suzanne interstitial 2009

Work for the 2009 Suzanne interstitial was very hard pressed.  Almost more so than the Tube teaser.  Bassam and Kursad had worked really hard getting concept art for characters, sets and storyboards, which were quite detailed.  They had even gone on to build and rig about 6 critters in total. 

During this time my main role was texturing, which i'll talk about here.  The work was inline with the assets from Tube so no big shift was necessary.  We took a wall being used to test texturing detail and used that in one of the sets, a railway piece for another and a quick pedestal for the Suzanne head.

View the making of here

Texturing sets

The first thing which was done after the sets were in place was baking the AO maps to help with placement of textures.  I love what a bunch of cables and wires look like on an AO map.

floor_ao_bake_edit wall_ao_bake

Then some textures from the project's texture collection were mapped on, mainly just for diffuse.  There was a general problem with texture quality because even though the maps were 4k they were being projected onto a large area.  There was only really time for one UV map, so we didn't use multiple UV unwraps for this - which would help solve the problem.


Texturing assets

telephoneWe recycled some assets which had been collecting dust and placed them into the sets for some extra detail.  I didn't model any of these, Jamal had modeled the telephone, and i'm not sure who modeled the circular gadget.  I just unwrapped and in GIMP chucked on some textures, one for diffuse and a greyscale version for spec and bump.

gadget_render box_render

The telephone was quite fun to work with.  Anyone from South Africa might appreciate the deteriorated logo of the telecommunications provider.

telephone_metal_spec phone_stickerskeypad_col

Bassam did the compositing.  This seemed quite a deal, with all the television screens and their individual video feeds, there were some issues with hard blinn specs over the video footage and creatures running over it.  Below is a test render done before comp of an initial shot.


Whimsy Collective asked on the blog how big the project file size was, which I had neglected to respond to (sorry Whimsy):

  • The file size I have is 1.2GB (without rendered frames)
  • There are about 25 video files for the TV's totalling in at 650MB
  • The texture files come to about 350MB
  • The blend files come to about 100MB
  • Then there are leftover files such as concept art etc

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