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Doomsday 2008

We walked across the street from the catering area.  It was a chilly night and our raggedy Marauder costumes weren't very warm.  At least tonight's shoot was inside the building next door.

The set was a neglected hospital, out of service for the past 30 years.  A gattling gun and splattered blood in one of the ward rooms suggested a heavy struggle for something valuable once took place. 

jon-peer_firedancing doomsday-statue

We were to play the Marauders -Canibalistic punks- decending upon the English Special forces sent in to retrieve an antidote to the virus which had incapacitated Scotland.  The Special forces had infiltrated Scotland mostly unscathed and this would be their first suprise encounter in which the main actress is kidnapped and taken to be eaten - where I would switch from stunt-ing to Firedance-ing.

By night I was a canibal, by day a zombified animator.  It was the first term of our second year and we were busy with a group stop motion project.  The opportunity on the film, however, was too good and the money would later help fund a trip to the states to work on Tube with Bassam - but I didn't yet know about that.

My role on the night was to advance one of the soldiers - who would blast me with a shotgun and send me collapsing over a chair.  In later evenings we would chase after APC's, get shot to shit, and firedance in a mass croud scene.  After which I would return to normal and pick up life where it had been left off.


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